Thursday, July 28, 2011

Computer upscale

Stampin'Up! sells these really cool vinyl pieces to decorate walls, glass, vases, anything you can think of.  Well one night a commercial came on for computer cases that were really cute, but my husband said I didn't have the right computer for the cuteness.  So I ordered the Flower Garden Deco Elements to make my own super cute computer!  When you get yours, follow the directions in the package.  I changed a few things to make this one work better for me.
First, I cut up the paper so I could lay out the design to fit the top of the computer.

 Then I transfered the vinyl , starting at the center and working my way out.  It was much easier to transfer in smaller pieces rather than the way it is packaged.

The stems are where I want them...
So I added the flowers.  I love my very stylish laptop!