Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fabric Memo Board instructions

To make this great memo board you will need a few supplies:
foam core board
hot glue
You will want to start by making fabric flowers.  I made strips of fabric (wide strips make wide flowers and skinny ones make small flowers) by ripping the fabric.  I liked the way the frayed edges look so I made sure to rough the edges up a bit.  The next step is to tie the ends together in a knot- try not to have a tail on that end.  Then all yo do is twist and wrap the fabric around the knot.  Go ahead and do it, then unwrap it and do it again- you will figure out how to make a flower that you like.  When I say twist, I mean turn the top edge of fabric to the bottom, wrap around the knot a little then twist again.
When you figure your flower style, you may want to add a few drops of hot glue along the way to hold the flower in shape.  When you are done, glue the end of your fabric under your flower.  You will see that depending on the length of these strips, you may have a fat flower or a skinny one.  All sizes are good! 

Now you are ready to assemble your board.  Wrap the batting and fabric around the foam core and glue down with hot glue. 

You may have to use your imagination here since I don't have pictures....  Lay the ribbon on the diagonal and cut it long enough to wrap around to the back.  You will want three strips in each direction.  Here is the way I thought was the easiest way to attach the ribbon to give the best hold and puffy look... Lay out the longest pieces of ribbon so that they cross in the middle.  Punch a hole with an ice pick or large needle through all layers so that the hole is open on the back.  Now take a brad and stick it through all those layers and open to hold.  Now you are ready to glue those two ribbon's ends down on the back making sure you get the ribbon straight and tight on the front.  The other pieces will go on the same way-

Here is the view from the back.  You can see the ribbons glued down and the brad poking through and opened on the back.  To make this work using Stampin'Up brads, I modified it a little.  It was easy to pinch the top of the SU Antique Brads off of the post.  I then used strong adhesive to attach the tops to longer brads that I bought at the office supply store. 


Finishing the front is easy- cut flowers with the Big Shot using Fun Flowers Bigz L dies.  Mist lightly with water and crinkle up.  Unwad them and let them dry.  Start planning where your flowers will go and which paper flower will best accent your fabric flower, then hot glue it all together! 
You will love the way your board turns out- great for your own use or as gifts.

Monday, August 22, 2011

August Stamping Workshop

I am hosting the August workshop this week featuring products from the new Stampin'Up! Idea Book and Catalog. I was poking around on the SU web site and found this great card Diane Sisneros made using the Button Buddies stamp set. As usual, I changed some things to fit our workshop, and am very pleased with the results!

Please join me this week for our workshop- you will love it!