Thursday, January 17, 2008

I was thinking about a new way to use this blog, and am going to try to make a 'good idea' link. It seems that I try and read about things related to kids, home, food..., and want to share my knowledge (that is the teacher in me). For example, it has just come to my attention that my youngest son has a bad reaction to stuff that has red coloring in it. I noticed that he was exceptionally mean one week. It seemed everyone was fussing and I got blamed for some ridiculous things...,. The only difference I noticed was that he has started adding a 'red' colored drink mix to his water. I asked him to stop drinking those things, and he was no longer mean. It could have been a coincidence, except that he had a "wild berry" pop tart the other day, and he had the same mean reaction. I am going to limit his red dye intake- or forbid it all together. Did you know this could happen? Does your child sometime have adverse reactions to things he/she eats?

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