Monday, June 9, 2008

Another chapter in the Mother of Boys novel

Chapter 1:
It was a dark and stormy night...
actually we were at Family Fun night at the baseball park. The coaches were playing a rousing came of softball (with lots of coaching from the parents) and some kids were playing a Homerun derby on the other field. It seems that my hubby was watching this homerun derby and talking to other parents about how the Chenault family is always hurt in some interesting way. Right now my 11year old is in the last week of the cast he is wearing for a fractured hand. Anywhoo, as the dust settled on the pitchers mound' who was lying in fetal position moaning in pain? Of course, the other Chenault boy...Blair took a ball to the face smacked off the end of a bat!

After a rather non eventful 3 hour visit to Womens and Childrens, we learned that Blair fractured the orbital floor, and his nose. He has a real nice shiner and if you look carefully you can see the print of the ball on his cheek.
The moral of the story... Bubble wrap may be a good idea!

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