Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to school!

I think I am different from other moms- I like it when my kids go back to school. I don't consider myself a mother that dotes all over my boys. I do think they are great, funny, smart, well behaved kids (most of the time). Summer has been really busy. I made sure the boys were well enough involved that they were not bored and hanging around the house begging for stuff. It was up to me to get them to and from the fun activities which means I spent most of my summer behind the wheel. I think they enjoyed their activities, I know they weren't ready to go back to school, but I sure was. Now I get to do some of the things I enjoy with out leaving in the middle to go pick someone up! Please don't get me wrong, I am not complaining- just stating a fact- boys and their mothers need some time apart! I just got this medallion stamp from Stampin'Up! and I love it! This is simply stamped on the card front and then a second stamped on a scrap of paper in Soft Suede and cut out. The greeting is framed with the top note punch. The satin ribbon is faboo- got to find some more of that!
Now that the guys are back to school, I am looking forward to more stamping- join me!

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Anonymous said...

Well, you just did dote about your kids and how they are great, smart and funny.