Monday, April 11, 2011

Day one

We have all had a run or two on the lake.  David statred us out on the wakeboard, and even though the guy before him was doing flips, this old man did a great job!
Alex went next on the knee board.  It didn't take long before he was facing backwards- I bet he will get lots of tricks under his belt before the week is out.
After Alex, Blair took his turn on the wakeboard.  He looked great!

Look closely to see Blair in the air!
Next was my turn.  The drivers changes out the boat to pull skiiers throught the slalom course.  I was a little stiff at first, but loosened up by the second pass.  Their tips were very helpful. 
We had a break for lunch which is prepared for us and waiting when the dinner bell rings.  Then we will take up to two more runs this afternoon. 
I have already had my Advil so maybe I can comb my hair tonight.  If not it won't matter- it is very laid back here and no one really cares. 

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