Monday, April 11, 2011

My week at ski school

This is my family's log about our stay is at Bennetts waterski school in Baton Rouge. Last summer I suggested to David that we find a waterski school for Blair to hone his skills at running the course on Smith Lake.  David said he had wanted to go to ski school since he was 16years old and if Blair went he was going too!  Here we are.  I have to admit, I am totally out of my element here.  Among our school mates there are kids (14 years or so) from Austria who are tournament skiiers.  They will be slalom, trick and jumping!  There is a family from Sweden.  I don't know much about them yet except I heard the dad say he had back trouble and wouldn't be skiing- he may be my friend for the week.  There is another guy who used to work here- back for a visit.  At the orientation meeting, they asked us to write what we can do, and our goals for the week.  This is my list:
1.  I can get up on one after a few times, and only if David, Donna or now Blair pulls me.
2.  I smile really big when I ski and usually scream with joy!
My goals:
1. To make it through the slalom course at least once.
2.  To have a cajun accent before I leave at the end of the week.
We will see how it goes!

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