Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Drum roll please.....

Here are the pictures that are the most fun to look at.  Smilin' Dawn...

Jonathan said, "your all over the place out there.  Your hands are way up here, your working too hard- what are you doing?' But he said it with an acent so it was all good!

If you look at these pictures compared to Alex's you can see how terrible my form is.  I need to lean more forward, weight in the front leg, relax my arms, lead with my hips, blablabla.
Today I pulled a muscle in my obliques- it hurts to take a breath.  I hope that the ice I have been putting on it and Advil from the Zachery Walmart will ease the pain and allow me to ski tomorrow.  If not I will have to write down all my ski tips and focus more on my jumping.  Josh said I should have a go!  Really everyone thinks I should try.  David has not agreed to it yet.

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