Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day three- already

Everyone is moving kind of slow today- I mean everyone.  Breakfast was a little later, warm-ups were a little slower, and they were calling skiiers to take thier turns.  I had to giggle at warm ups this morning when the Austrian kids all moaned when we were warming up.  The other funny thing is the dogs. There are about four lake dogs here.  They run free, cruise under the tables when we eat, and fish or swim in the lakes.  The funniest thing is when they join us for warm ups.  Every morning after breakfast, Ann leads a warm up with music.  As soon as she turns on the music Frankie and Amber run over and start playing with each other.  They wrestle, growl and frisk all over everyone's towels.  Ann says they do it every morning. 

This morning I went to the physical therapist with Patrick.  He is from Sweden and has been skiing and working here for about 8 weeks.  He hurt his elbow and needed another session with the therapist.  I struggled through the night with side pain, then had to get David to help me out of the bed.  I knew I would feel better if someone could poke around and give me a little clue as to what I may have done.  Sure enough the therapist says I pulled my oblique and the intercostal on my left side.  I feel sure it happen when they were yanking me out of the water yesterday.  She gave me some heat and stem, then did a little deep tissue work.  It does feel better.  I will not ski today (or jump), and see how it goes tomorrow.  I am thinking I may save myself for tennis.  Baily and I made a deal that if I can we will jump together tomorrow.
 Hoping to post more pictures later this afternoon.

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